Donation to Dachshund Rescue of North America

Good evening, PHP family and friends! I wanted to share some great news! We have set a new record for our donation amount! We have raised $233.14 for Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA)​! I can't even believe it! We couldn't do it without you guys! Thank you so much for choosing Pearls Helping Pets over the 'other guys'! You all are simply amazing!

Our new rescue is AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport which was given to us by Bethany N! Bethany, thank you so much for offering their name during checkout! This is a reminder to everyone, when you place an order, make sure you let us know of a rescue organization that you'd like to nominate so they can get a donation from us!

With 483 shares from our last video, you all were busy! And I appreciate it! This is why I do a free giveaway for an oyster and pendant! And our lucky winner from Wednesday's show is Debra Lee​! Congratulations Debra! You'll be receiving an oyster opening and free piece of jewelry (from a random draw). Just be sure to come back and see us Wednesday night at 8PM EST because you must be present to win!

Get your orders in now for PICK A POD!! There are only 20 pods left! $3 for a chance to win something amazing! We will be opening pods live on Sunday after bingo. And speaking of bingo...Have you purchased your boards yet? $15 for 15 games. Win oysters and jewelry! Come play bingo with us! Remember, we need 15 boards purchased to play or we will have to cancel. :( Sunday without bingo? That's just not right!

And lastly, we are still taking pre-orders for large freshwater oysters! How cool would it be to get an oyster for FREE! Purchase one and guess how many pearls are inside. If you get it right, your oyster and pearls are FREE!! 21 oysters left so get ordering before the oysters are gone before they even get here!!

Have a great night everyone! Hope to see you all on Sunday at 3pm EST!

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