Game, Leggings Grab and Go: TBA

Game, Leggings Grab and Go: TBA

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Welcome to our Leggings Grab and Go game!  This is a GUARANTEED WIN game!  Buy 1 entry, get 1 pair of leggings!  It's that simple!

But what is the catch Pearls Helping Pets?!  Leggings are chosen from a random selection, just like our Pick a Pod: Leggings Edition and Quick Chips: Leggings Edition games.  

Simply purchase the number of entries you'd like to win based on the size you'd like and we will pull a random pair of leggings based on the number you provide.

You can also purchase the Power of the Swap, just in case you get a pattern you do not like.  Be sure to purchase BEFORE your patterns are chosen!

If you win a pattern you do not like, you will have the opportunity to swap with another customer on a post that will be added to our Facebook page during or after the live feed.  Here is where you can attempt to swap with another person.  Swap window is open for 24 hours after the video ends or midnight the next day, whatever is later.    


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