Games, Mystery Leggings Grab Bags: TBA

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All Grab bags have 5 pairs of leggings.  There will never be any duplicates or holiday themed leggings inside.  Buy based on your size. 

1. Purchase a bag (or 2 or 3...)

2. Pick a number.  You will be shown the patterns.  Keep it or pass. (The last bag doesn't get to swap)

3. If you pass, provide a new grab bag number.  This bag is now yours.

4.  If you'd like to swap any patterns, purchase a swap.  Let us know during the live feed your bag#, the pattern you'd like to swap, and a random number within you size range (see live feed for further details).  You don't get to choose your new pattern.

5.  If you'd rather not purchase a swap but still want to swap, try swapping with another customer.  A post will be created on our facebook page to do this step.

Advantage of ordering early:  You get to swap for a new bag.  Disadvantage:  You don't know what is in the other bags.

Advantage of ordering late:  As others are swapping, you can gather information on what patterns are in which bags.  Disadvantage:  You run the risk of getting left with patterns no one wanted. 

BONUS PRIZE!!!  One bag in each size will have a $20 PHP Gift Certificate inside.  Once we sell out of each size,we will announce the winner of the PHP Gift Certificate. One size has 1 in 10 chance and Regular/Extra Curves has 1 in 12 chances.  Good luck!