Game, Pick a Paw Prize Chances: 8/17 at 8pm EST

Game, Pick a Paw Prize Chances: 8/17 at 8pm EST

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From the maker of Pick A Pod brings you Pick A Paw!  This game is the same concept as Pick A Pod but with more incentive!

Want a guaranteed win? Purchase 5 or more paws in one transaction (or back to back transactions) and if you end up with all sad faces, we will upgrade you to one oyster (or donated item)!  (only 1 guaranteed win per show will be given)

There will be 500 paws up for grabs that may or may not have a prize listed.  Each stick is $5.00 and may have single oysters, a TRAY of oysters, jewelry, a bingo item, who knows what else!  Actually, I know, but it's a secret!  You'll have to buy and tune into our live shows to find out!  But be warned...There are paws with nothing on them!  So pick your sticks carefully! Will you win a tray of oysters for $5?  Only time will tell!

You may be asking "what is the difference between paws and pods?

  1. Your chance of getting something other than a sad face is 50% vs. 35% in Pods!  I thought pods odds were great...Holy moly!  We are just giving this stuff away!
  2. Pod color prizes change every show.  The Paws will always have the same prizes listed.  This is great for those that get a bunch of only one color. 
  3. Pod prize value averages over $2700 and Paws prize value averages almost $4000!

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