Game, Pick a Pod Prize Chances: 8/17 at 8pm EST

Game, Pick a Pod Prize Chances: 8/17 at 8pm EST

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THIS IS A CHANCE GAME!  YOU MAY WIN PLENTY OR NOTHING AT ALL!  If you want a guaranteed win, order 7 or more in one transaction (or back to back transactions) and if you get all sad faces, we will upgrade you to one oyster (or donated item)!  (only 1 guaranteed win per show will be given)

600 ball pods that contain chips with some amazing prizes!  Each pod is $3.00 per pod.  Once we go live, we will announce a specific color that will have their chips doubled.  This applies to PREORDERS and Packs of Pods orders only.   

Each pod may have single oysters, a TRAY of oysters, jewelry, a bingo card, who knows what else!  Actually, I know, but it's a secret!  You'll have to buy and tune into our live shows to find out!  Just remember, there are pods with sad faces!  These are non-winners!  So pick your pods carefully! Will you win a tray of oysters for $3.00?  Only time will tell! $3495 in prizes AND a 35% chance of winning!  Those are great odds!  Order now and we will open live at 8PM EST on Sundays!


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