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PLEASE NOTE:  This is a special edition of our Pick A Pod Game!  You will NOT pre-pay for shipping.  If you win, you will be invoiced after the show is over for any applicable shipping charges. IF YOUR SHIPPING CHARGE IS NOT PAID WITHIN 48 HOURS, WE WILL SEND A FOLLOWUP MESSAGE TO PAY.  IF YOUR SHIPPING FEE IS NOT PAID WITHIN 1 WEEK OF SHOW AIR DATE, YOU WILL FORFEIT WINNINGS. 

We have added the POWER TO SWAP! Power of The Swap is $1 per win (must be purchased BEFORE you choose your pattern). This gives the winner the power to swap once for a new pattern. Be aware that the second pattern you choose can not be swapped back. But don't worry...You will still have the option to swap AFTER the show with other customers. (Swaps are a use it or lose it. The only exception is if you purchase more than what you won. Swaps will be applied to first choices)

THIS IS A CHANCE GAME!  YOU MAY WIN PLENTY OR NOTHING AT ALL!  If you want a guaranteed win, order 4 or more in one transaction (or back to back transactions).  Purchasing 4 will guarantee you one apparel item if you get all sad faces (only 1 guaranteed win per show will be given)!  35% of getting something other than a sad face.  260 sad faces, 40 pick agains, and 100 apparel items to win!

400 ball pods that contain chips with chances to win Apparel.  Your choice to win TOPS (shirts/bralettes/etc) or BOTTOMS (Leggings/Shorts/Skirts/etc).  Pink pods are single prizes while white pods are DOUBLE prize.     

How do we choose what you win?  All of our inventory is randomized within several categories:  One Size 0-12 Leggings, Regular Curves 12-20 Leggings, Extra Curves 22-32 Leggings, Youth SM/LXL Leggings, and Shirts/Tops S to 3X.  You do not get to choose your own items.  Your prize will be a random item selected by the size you would like and a random number within that size range.  For Example:  If you win one pair of leggings and you wear a OS, and we have 372 pairs of OS leggings in stock, you will give us your size and a number between 1 and 372.  The item assigned to that number will be the item you won.  You can swap for a new choice provided you've purchased a SWAP or you can hope for another customer to swap with you.  There will be a SWAP POST created during/after each live feed to give customers the opportunity to swap with each other.  (See post for additional information)

There are pods with sad faces!  These are non-winners!  So pick your pods carefully!

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