Large Freshwater Oyster (LFO)

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(FYI: any Large Freshwater Oysters purchased at a discounted rate will be sent as ‘open at home’ oysters. Pearls helping Pets is not responsible for any injuries associated with this).

Oysters are opened on our Facebook page during our live broadcasts.  Large Freshwater Oysters (LFO) are opened on Saturdays starting at 8PM EST.  Each oyster is guaranteed to have at least one pearl inside or we will replace it!  If you would like to purchase oysters to be opened at home, please notate this during checkout.  There is no guarantee for 'at home' openings.  Order at your own risk!

Disclaimer:  Oysters are NOT edible!  We are not responsible for any issues relating to oysters being consumed or handled!  We also can not guarantee the quality or color of your pearl(s).  

Large Freshwater Oysters!!  If you are purchasing, guess the number of pearls you think will be inside.  If you get it right, YOUR OYSTER IS FREE!  Get $49.99 back in store credit!!  (This deal doesn't include at home openings).

Each large freshwater oyster can have anywhere from 10-30+ pearls, maybe even more!  We won't know until the oyster is opened live! 

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