Game, Bingo: 2/23 at 3pm EST

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BOGO Bonus Card:  Purchase any card 1 to 75, get a Bonus Card (76-98) for $4.95.  Discount will apply in cart.  Can not be combined with other codes.

Bonus Ball Prize Pull: For $5, purchase a BBPP for a chance at ANOTHER prize!  Win on the bingo card where your prize pull is assigned, then pick a ball from your bingo to pull.  The prize inside is yours!

You will no longer pay for shipping in advance. If you win, an invoice for shipping will be sent to you unless you already have an open order. Leggings ship separately. NO REFUNDS ON CARDS AND NOT TRANSFERABLE TO ANY OTHER DATE.  Bingo will only be played if 15 or more cards have been purchased.  If you win leggings, you will give us your size and a random number and the pattern assigned to that number will be yours.  If you don't like what you end up with, you have the option to swap with another customer via the post that is pinned to the top of our Facebook page regarding swaps.   

Each card can only be purchased once.  If the card selected says "SOLD OUT" try another card number.  Once purchased, come back to your card, right-click on card picture, save image, then go to image and print.  Need help?  Let us know BEFORE we start bingo!

There will be 15 rounds of bingo which includes:

11 Games of regular bingo (straight bingo or 4 corners)

Each winner of a regular game will win one oyster opening (up to $25 value) or a random pair of leggings. 

4 specials (Letter P, Letter E, Letter T, Coverall)

Each winner of a letter special will receive one oyster opening and one piece of jewelry (from blind selection) (up to $45 value) or TWO pairs of leggings 

The winner of the coverall will receive a tray of oysters and one piece of  jewelry. (up to $145 value) or SIX pairs of leggings!

Bonus prize: For each round we will pick a bonus ball.  The cardholder of that # will become eligible to win an oyster OR a pair of leggings.  To win, the cardholder MUST be present and the bonus ball must come into play during that round.  The person winning bingo can also win on the bonus ball by having that # in their valid bingo.  They will get a piece of jewelry (if they chose oyster as their prize) or leggings, depending on their prize choice. Jewelry is a random selection. 

You have a chance to win up to 15 times per card purchased! 19 times if we sell 68 cards!  You can purchase more than 1 card to increase your chances!  Winner will be verified at the end of each round.  If there are multiple bingos, official winner will be chosen from a tiebreaker random draw.  Runners up will be entered into a tiebreaker draw where winner will win one oyster or a pair of leggings.  

NOTE: When you have a bingo, Please comment BINGO in the comments right away, followed by your Card # (written on the free space) and the number you got bingo on (the last number you covered).  All bingos will be verified.

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